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What is an Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers are licensed professionals who sell for various companies. We collect customer information and submit it to a variety of companies on your behalf. We then present you with insurance options that meet your needs. An insurance broker works for you, not the insurance companies.

Why do business with you and not an exclusive agent?


A: Using an insurance broker is very beneficial for most buyers. You have a much better chance of finding the best deal or best coverage possible for your unique needs because your broker is drawing on a large number of companies on your behalf. In fact, he or she will be able to access certain companies that only sell through brokers, giving you more choice than if you contacted companies directly. Because he or she specializes in insurance, they can negotiate on your behalf and present you with better options and recommendations. They will also counsel you on what type of coverage you need and what you don’t, thus saving you money.


What companies do you represent?

We represent over 30 different insurance companies. Please visit Insurance Providers page by clicking here.

Who do I contact if I have billing or policy changes?

We handle all billing and policy changes at our office. No more 1-800-pls-wait.

Who would I contact if I have a claim?

We can set up the claim at our office and assist you through the entire claim process.

What if my rates go up?

We can re-run your information in our system to see if one of our more than 15 companies better fits your needs at that time. You are not stuck with one company when your rates go up or if you are not satisfied with your current company, you have more choices.

Do you provide annual reviews for your existing customers?

Yes, we provide this service to interested customers.

Are you a local company or a national company?

We are local. We have an office in your neighborhood and we employ people from your East Metro community. Please see Driving Directions on right sidebar.



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